Switch to HiFi Mode

Fully enjoy your music with AudioPon the high-performance universal audio playback software that makes music a priority on your computer, adapts its settings to your sound system, and offers you all the features you need to optimize your setup.


High sound quality

It reduces CPU activity and stabilizes power supply to minimize digital distortion and possible radio frequency interference.

Turn your computer into a true high-resolution audio source

By taking control on your computer’s audio flow, AudioPon prevents other applications from interfering during listening and from making hidden changes to audio samples.

Enhanced performance

It improves the performance of your computer's digital-to-analog.Converter-both internal and external-by providing it with an adapted and pre-decoded digital stream.


Artificial Intelligence

Added artificial intelligence technologies for a more detailed analysis of the sound

High-quality audio recording

High-quality audio recording due to the very large number of settings that are adjusted to the user

Reconfiguring your microphone

The program adjusts your microphone itself for better performance

Adjusts the music playlist to your taste

The program analyzes the user's tastes and creates a playlist based on them

Stay focused on your work

It is important to be focused on your work while listening to music, our program has a mode for working slightly muffling the sound, without interfering with your work


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